Goodbye (goo͝d-bī′)

Used to express an acknowledgment of parting.

farewell: a formula used to another person or persons when the speaker or writer or person addressed is departing.

If you squint at goodbye: Good is God, ye is at the end, and the rest is murmured in the middle somewhere. Inspired by Middle English expressions such as “Good day” and “Good morrow,” godbwye got closer to goodbye in a number of different versions, including god-b’wye, god buoye and good-b’wy, before landing on its current form. But the first recorded usage was in a 1573 letter by writer Gabriel Harvey.

Now we know the origin and intention behind the word let’s take it a step further. What does it mean to say goodbye? As we established earlier, the act itself can be a quick way or a kiss at the door. In many ways having the same effect. The layers of goodbye are fascinating and can tell us a lot about our relationships both personal and professional. The nuances of the goodbye are endless, as a joke my son used the Ross fist bump as a mock goodbye.

I want to focus on the ones with real RightNow Impact!

If saying goodbye is an action, the question now becomes how do we want to end this piece of the relationship? This refers more to sporadic and business relationships. However, truth be told some of the most important relationships in our lives are the most sporadic.

The line of thought–our goodbye gives intention to what we want to happen next. It is an unconscious reality you can now control if you pay attention. You can always tell when a kid wants to go home, he is bored.

Many sales meetings are scheduled to ensure minimum boredom during and maximum interaction at the end for the good-byes. Regardless of whether a deal is made or not the goodbye conversation is pivotal in building the framework for the next stage of interactions.

But that is what it is, the end of one conversation and the beginning of a new one.

Your goodbye also has a direct effect on the next interaction you will have with this person. By choosing how you remember the interaction, good or bad, you are training your brain to remember the positive aspects and thus that energy will come forth when you meet again.

What makes for a stellar Goodbye…TBC

Business Life

We talked about the types of business owners I’ve met (Ex Corporate, Craftsman, and Old School). This list is of course not completely all inclusive and highly generalized. The beauty of small business is their uniqueness. That is also exactly the reason I became a coach. My program is customizable to you. Your beautiful unique business.

We are entering tax season, accountants and tax experts gearing up.

Who does your taxes? I have an accountant, happy to share the number.

How do you find an accountant if you need one? Who would you ask?

Drip Campaign

Small business owners focus primarily on generating leads. But remember that on average, less than 1% of prospects are now buyers. Ninety-nine percent are not ready to purchase that day, but many of them will buy sometime in the future if you continue to nurture them by staying in touch on an ongoing basis.

Unfortunately, most small business owners rarely if ever follow up with their prospects after their initial contact with them. So why is that important?

Listen to this very carefully!

Over 80% of all sales occur between the 5th and 12th point of contact between the business and the prospect. 80%!!!

Are you starting to see an opportunity here? This is where you need to implement a drip campaign. A drip campaign can add significant revenue to your business. It automatically delivers a form of communication to customers or prospects on a predetermined and scheduled basis.

Bonus. It will work with any business!

In the accounting industry, a drip campaign would be a fantastic way to inform your current customers of new services and opportunities become available. This can be anything from an email correspondence to a mail insert. Your choice.

Check your Marketing Health here.

Pro Tip #2

6 Ways to Reduce Your COGS:

  1. Audit Your Current Suppliers and Vendors– Review the products and services that you purchase daily, weekly, monthly, or annually. Your profit margin depends upon your

ability to receive the highest possible price for your products and services and pay the lowest possible price to your suppliers and vendors. Every participant in the supply chain is looking to increase business and will take unusual, often extraordinary steps to make or save a sale – especially in a poor economy or when competition is fierce.

#CHALLENGE – Ask for a discount every time you request an estimate or place an order and keep asking until you actually place the order. If you do not get a reduction in price, ask for favorable financing terms, prepaid freight, or other freebies.

Finish the statement – By negotiating, you can maximize your position as a__________

Respond with your answer in the comments section or email me

I would love to hear from you!

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