Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined” – Henry David Thoreau

How can I make my life more positive?

We will go with the canned answer – Be more positive — and then we’ll break it down.

Okay, four years ago I would have agreed with the canned response and been on my way. I came out Positive Polly as a default as most of us think we do.

Be Positive, Think Positive, has become very plastic and soulless and it is sad because they did have meaning once upon a time. All the intent summed up in a phenomenon “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.”

How can I make my life more Positive?

Stop focusing on the negative.

Easy. Right?

The rub starts with the question. Positive refers to energy.

It’s like asking how do I turn on a light bulb?

The better question would be, how to I change the negative energy around me to positive?

Your spirit aka your energy is a resting neutral when you were born. You are created with the energy and spirit of your mother. Then you are born and your memories, good and bad determine your energy.

To make your life more positive, you need to living life in the present and make each moment as full of positive energy as possible. That means being grateful, respectful, and always seeing the joy in the moment.

How can we be more positive in life and what should we avoid doing to stay positive all the time?

There are only two things we can control in this life.

How we ACT and how we REACT.

All actions are neutral until we put intent behind them.

Intent is what we want to happen next. A choice.

We always have this choice.

In most cases our reactions are subconscious and ruled by our emotions and our own inner dialog. Allowing yourself (your intent) to run on autopilot is you giving up your choice. You are too busy living in the past (worry) or the future (anxiety).

To stay positive, stay in the present.

Focusing your intention on the positive outcomes available in the present will attract more positive energy.


Business Life

I am a GenX and I remember when Domino’s blasted on the screen with the

Why did Domino’s become a billion-dollar behemoth in an overcrowded market in just a few years?

Did Domino’s make the best pizza? No.

Did they offer comfortable in-house dining? No.

Did they offer the largest selection on their menu? No.

They offered the same pizza as all their competitors.

In the mid-1960s, Tom wanted his customers to enjoy their pizza, hot and fresh. He got in touch with a company to develop the modern pizza box. As time went by Tom realized that customers who order pizza should not only get the best quality but should also get it quickly. And so Domino’s introduced a guaranteed pizza delivery in 30 minutes or less. To keep up with the promise, Tom bought a pizza store wherever he could, creating a network which meant they could deliver on their promise of 30 mins, no matter where the customer calls from. With the 30min promise, Dominos was delivering 54% of all Pizza orders in the United States. Today Dominos delivery drivers cover 10 million miles each week, that’s equivalent to 20 trips to the moon and back.

Market Dominating Position

How do you keep your offering fresh while growing and maintaining your client base? The answer – innovate your business and offer extraordinary value by creating a “market dominating position.”

Consider this.

Every choice you make when buying a product or a service represents a point of differentiation between one company and their competitors. These differences, whether subtle or distinct, determine which customers will buy what they sell.

Ask yourself what, if anything, makes your business different from

your competitors as perceived by your targeted prospects and


When you create your own market dominating position, you will consistently get businesses and individuals to choose your business over your competitors.

But what exactly is a “market dominating position”?

It’s simply any value-added customer perceived benefit, or a combination of benefits, which differentiates you from your competitors, and does so in a strong enough manner it makes your business the logical choice in the minds of your prospects and customers.

Bonus. It will work with any business!

Yesterday we used the accounting industry, a drip campaign would be a fantastic way to inform their current customers and a developing a Market Dominating Position in addition to the drip will only strengthen the accuracy of your targeted marketing by solidifying your message.

In any campaign to hit what you focus on.

You have a specific talent for a specific customer.

Help them find you.

Check your Marketing Health here.

Pro Tip #3

6 Ways to Reduce Your COGS:

  1. Confront Supplier Price Increases– Yes, suppliers do raise their prices, often to cover labor costs or their own supplier price increases. These increases typically aren’t dramatic… they’re small incremental increases that most business owners might not notice. 2% to 5% annual increases are common, and many business owners just shrug these off as “no big deal”, when in reality, these are huge deals when it comes to your bottom line. A mere 5% supplier price increase can impact our company’s bottom line by a staggering 15%.

#CHALLENGE – Obtain competitor quotes. There are always additional suppliers for your most commonly purchased products and services. And believe me, all of them want new customers, and will readily offer big discounts to get your business.

What did you uncover?

Respond with your answer in the comments section or email me amyromine@cleardreamscoaching.com

I would love to hear from you!

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